The Magic of Your Life


Why do you feel rushed, my darling?
Don’t you know that the path to your destination is your life?

It is full of windy roads and daffodils
mountain streams and goose bump thrills

The story of your life
is not a place or thing

It is more laughter
and tears
and songs that you sing

It is finding yourself and becoming more of that ~
a friend a teacher a poet a dad
a healer a farmer an olympiad

It is loving and feeling and winning and losing
staying in one place and sometimes moving

It is traveling along on the strength of your feet
the experiences you have and people you meet

I know you have goals
know where you are bound
but slow down for a moment and look around

You’ll get to where you’re going
then turn around and look back
and wonder what you missed
when you were moving so fast

It is the journey, my dear,
that makes this trip fun,
not the stuff you can count
once it is done.

There may be bumps in your way
and the occasional cries,
but when met with challenges
I hope that you rise

Lastly, my darling, when faced with darkness
remember, your heart is your light
and that the magic you make along the way
is the greatest achievement of your life.

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