For The Women Who Did Not Have Breakfast In Bed Today

tumblr_ntnxuyo7x11rlmj2eo1_1280-2It’s never been said it was easy.

This beautifully hard work of being a mother.

This one day a year when partners and children say thank you, we love you – the day being shown how much you are appreciated.

Unless it’s not.

It’s never been said it was easy.

And today could be the day, when you see mothers being celebrated by their loved ones on social media, that may want to make you throw in the towel.

So, my dear loving mothers who are fixing their own breakfast and coffee today, this is for you.

For the first time mother whose tiny nugget of an infant can’t say Happy Mother’s Day and I love you and thank you for nourishing me.

For the single mothers.

For the mothers whose partners forgot what day it is.

For the mothers whose children forgot what day it is.

For the mothers who no longer have children at home.

For the mothers whose child is no longer on this Earth.

For the mothers who open their hearts and homes to a newborn, until she finds her forever home.

For the mothers who may not feel as loved today as they should…

please know…

You are not alone.

You are amazing.

You are needed.

And you are loved.



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