Still Learning

Throw the covers off.  It is morning.

Feet touching the warm carpet.  Stretch from your tippy toes to your fingernails, feel your heart beat.  Gratitude for a new day.

Put on clean socks, try to find ones that match.  Unless the ones that don’t match make you happy, then wear what the hell you like.

Splash water on your face, brush your teeth.

Look in the mirror, your 8-year-old youth reflecting back at you.  If you want to put a drop of my special perfume on, go ahead.  Remember it’s best if it can only be sensed in a hug or a whisper.  Don’t let it precede you.

Try to be where you are today.  I know school isn’t always the most fun, but when you are my age, I promise you will remember the good stuff.

Say please and thank you.  Hold a door if you can.

Look people in the eye when you are talking to them.

Look them in the eye when they are talking to you.

Respect your elders.  Don’t call an adult by their first name unless invited to do so.

Only end your sentence like you are asking a question if, in fact, you are asking a question.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Be confident.

It is important to be kind, but it is important to be strong in pursuing what you want and what you believe in.  Don’t let anyone call you difficult because you aren’t subsiding in your beliefs.

Listen to your gut.

If you are in the wrong, be strong enough to apologize.

If you are sad, be strong enough to cry.

Break a sweat.  Get dirty.

If he pushes you on the playground, walk away.  If he does it again, give him a bloody nose.

Most importantly, love.  Love your teacher.  Love your sister.  Love the boy whose nose you just broke.

And it will be a good day.







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