The Run


It’s so easy to get carried away.

The job, the committees, the extra-curricular activities.

So easy to fill our time.  To be productive.  To do more.

So easy to fill our childrens’ time.  To make them into accomplished students, musicians, athletes.

This life, it goes so quickly.  What was once the walk has turned into the run.

The run to get from here to there.

The run to fit it all in.

The run to tomorrow, to next week, to next year.

It’s difficult to appreciate the moment when days are similar to my morning run…sprint to the creek, then walk a minute to recover.  Focus on the creek.  Make it to the creek and get there the fastest and best way I know how.

The run to do more, have more, be more…these days, they will happen whether we enjoy them or they pass us by.

I am learning.

Learning to not fill my time.  My girls’ time.  One sport at a time.  One committee at a time.  One moment at a time.

Learning to say “thank you, but no thank you.”

Time to slow down.

Time for family dinners.

Time for friends around the table.

Time for a late bedtime to hear Dad play his guitar by the fire.

Slowing down.

Walking in front of my littlest to the car to go to school.  Then, “Mama, wait.”  The pause while she catches up to me and takes my hand and we walk together.

Learning to walk again.

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